the night revisited

i know what you are thinking: more birthday pictures (sigh)...well the truth is that i forgot some pictures in another folder, which is why i thought ryan never got caught on film (on memory?).

anyway, this is mostly for my benefit but i hope you like them.

strangely addictive

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this site is a lot of fun...good practise for all you elfers.


it was my birthday (and it was a long time ago)

my birthday was really great and it was mostly thanks to ryan. spent the day around bloor west village - breakfast at sunset grill, visit the restaurant, visit with colin and alex, a run in with francEs at chapters, run in with mike and dave (acutally it was a strange day for running into people because come to think of it, we ran into greg and joe too) - and ryan made sure to tell everyone that we ran into that it was my birthday (i really milked it this year - 23 seems a pretty auspicious number to me).

he also got all my friends to sign a card for me which reminded me of high school yearbooks!

anyway we went to the swan at night because they have a really nice patio. my friends came by and then when the restaurant closed mike came by and talked lou and julie into coming. they ended up having fun and stayed until last call. lou just kind of freaked out when he saw alex campbell because he said he could remember him coming into the restaurant when he was three.

anyway, it was fun. we are all pretty drunk in the pictures, but i am sure you can probably tell. and sorry about the colour, size and layout of the photos...it's partly because the lighting was really dark and i had to play around a lot in photoshop and partly because i just forgot how to blog...it's been that long...

and i just realized that poor ryan is in one picture. so he took all the pictures too (and a lot of the bar bill)


ten songs...

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note: i notice i can jinx myself from blogging if i tell you what i'm planning on posting next, so no birthday pics yet. you are just going to have to live with the suspense. it's what we call...pacing.

i'm not going to stand here and defend myself

stereolab - feel and triple
spoons - nova heart
blondie - will anything happen
client - price of love
dears - you and i are a gang of losers
pixies - alec eiffel
stephen malkmus - freeze the saints
sonic youth - pattern recognition
thee goblins - cedar hill fight song (as the skablins)
chungking - following


so let's go to the cottage...again

that's right. i came home from my cottage, only to pack up for a trip up to algonquin with the berkises, who i might add, are the most hospitable people i have ever met in my life!

alex and i had our own self-contained cabin and so did andrew and his girlfriend, erica. our's was way cooler, with loft beds and a kitchen and a little breakfast nook. then there was a main cabin and another guest cabin used exclusively for board games. we were right on the water and there were too many boats to contemplate so alex and i played 'supervisor' on the dock (it was cold, dammit!)

so there were campfires, stargazing and lots and lots of food. we always ate outside in a really cool outdoor dining room and breakfast with the berkises means pancakes and eggs and toast with two types of jam, pulp and no-pulp oj, coffee and any meat that you wanted (but i don't really know what kind, i just know there was plenty).

oh, and we played with frogs all weekend and played trivial pursuit just the way i like it (no board and the really old 80's edition that I memorized all the answers to from my cottage).

on top of that, they tricked alex and i into going on a hike, which turned out to be incredible with really beautiful water falls.

so i am so thankful that i had such a nice family who took such great care of me while i was with them (oh and susan french braided my hair too, which was a first for me!)

see? i post, i post

i'm keeping my promise, and what better time than this - the fourth day in a row that i called in sick for work - is there really, to catch up on my blogging...except...getting dizzy....wish computer was in bed too...

that's ryan and that's the ball mike got me for my birthday...it flips to pink when you throw it in the air - genius!


let's start with a trip to the cottage

this year, i could only manage one venture to georgian bay, but thinking of jody, i appreciated that one visit as much as i could. it was super-fantastic, despite a few bummers.

this is denis (actually riding shotgun on the way home while anna and i were crammed with all the band equipment - yes they brought it- and a half eated watermelon in the back seat. at least we had pillows). he was really hungover.

ryan and i first headed up with andrew, alex and anna. we first hit the lcbo and then the goodwill where we each seemed to find exactly what we needed, but forgot to bring along (andrew: a jacket; alex: a sweater; me: some beach shorts and the secret of nyhm on vhs).then we settled into the cottage by tripping it to the beach and throwing stones that made cool clunking noises on the wet sand. we also spent a lot of time chasing around a bat that had found its way in through the chimney.

the first morning waking up at the cottage is always amazing: take that feeling that you have when you wake up realizing you are late for work, but really it's your day off and then add to that the fact that you are by a lovely beach and you get to wake up all your friends with a damn good excuse. we cook breakfast in a very cozy kitchen...two people max and they are always knocking elbows. i don't know how many times i saked that weeked, 'do you have any idea how long it takes to drive to midland hospital'. and there's only a fifty per cent chance i don't get lost on the way.

so poor ryan had to drive back to pick up julia, karis and denis to make our party and sleepspace complete. then i guess it was a mess of drinking, movies, sitting on the deck, sitting on the beach; your usual cottage stuff.

some highlights were: going to the flea market with alex, denis, anna and ryan which was the best fleamarket in years (i got a slingshot and we all found cool books and cat figurines and old junk like that); the stars; two beach fires (we are not allowed but this was the first year i decided to take the chance); grocery shopping, as unenthralling as that sounds; convincing denis to stay up one more night because he is really funny when he is drunk; the two-day concert from the living room that could be heard all across the beach (the neighbours came up on our last day to say they were sad we were packing up, "my mother thought you were playing records! ha ha) there's also lots of stuff i am leaving out or slipped my mind.
okay, so ryan had to drive julia, karis and alex back home the day before we had to leave, so denis and anna and i went to the beach, which was extremely cold and windy. despite that, denis went swimming for a long time because there was a storm the night before and the waves were bitching. anna and i sat on a picnic bench and made friends with all the dog beachbums and looked for good sling shot rocks.

it was really really cold so we went back up to the cottage and layed on the deck with sleeping bags because the stars were super cool. denis wanted to play where the red fern grows over and over and so i started telling ghost stories (well, the really weird encounters we actually had up at the cottage) and perfect timeing: ryan comes back from toronto and confirms all of the stories i just told. so we spend the rest of the night freaked out on the deck and before we know it, it's daylight.

then it was massive cleaning and a race to avoid my dad, who i haven't spoken to in ages, but we ran into him anyway and got out as soon as possible. i had to get everyone to stop in elmvale on the way home so i could throw up in the washroom (my stomach takes the brunt of my stress) and then it was so-long vacation.

i will edit later, i just wanted to post something dammit!

i love you guys so much for sticking with me...hello? is anyone still out there?